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The first Spyro The Dragon triology of video games were created by Insomniac Games, and released on the Sony PlayStation in 1998. There have been Spyro games developed by others since then. The original triology was remastered in 2018/19 by Toys for Bob and published by Activision. The remastered games have been released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Windows.

You are welcome to join this fanlisting if you support the original triology, the remaster, or both!


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Spyro has held a special place in my heart, since I first began playing the video games around 1998.

It was cute, it was charming, it was original. It had a “just right” difficulty curve. Open worlds, beautiful colours, killer soundtrack. I loved everything about it.

I really have to hand it to Insomniac Games for creating something that is still cherished to this day.

Louise - Owner of this fanlisting

“Wow! I never thought I'd be rescued, especially by such a little dragon. Uh, what I mean is I've always believed in you, Spyro!” Tomas, Gnorc Cove